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Actually, there are a couple of ways. First, you can use the \” Invert \” tool to cancel out most of the vocals from an MP3 or other digital audio file. You split the track in two, invert one half, and switch the audio to mono. There\’s a newer feature in Audacity called the \” Vocal Removal and Isolation \” effect. It\’s easier to use, and it works much better than the inversion method. However, it\’s not perfect, and you\’ll have better success with one of the previously mentioned tools.

Watch the video below to see how both techniques work in Audacity. At in the video below, you can see another example of using the \”Vocal Removal and Isolation\” tool in Audacity. Avid\’s Pro Tools for macOS and Windows, much like Audacity, provides tools you can use to perform audio canceling by inverting one half of a track to reduce vocals.

However, unlike Audacity, Pro Tools is expensive. First is free but may not have the audio editing tools you need. The Ultimate tier does have a free trial available. While an old video , you can see below how to remove vocals from a song in Pro Tools. There may even be better ways to remove vocals in updated Pro Tools versions. The program has a few tools that you can use to reduce vocals through the audio canceling method also called phase cancellation.

While the process is the same as on Audacity and Pro Tools, the method is different and takes a bit more time, but it is easy to follow using the video below. The video is old but straight from the source. You can learn more about that here.

Version 10 is available now, but it\’s available at a discounted price with a free upgrade to version 11 when that comes out. Ableton Live gives a day free trial of the Suite version, which is pretty sweet. In all three versions of Ableton Live are capabilities to remove vocals, but not all versions can use all methods. The best way is using Max for Live , which is available already in the Suite version and as a paid add-on for Standard.

With that, you can then install the \” Max for Live stem splitter Spleeter \” plugin from Azuki. As you could probably guess, it\’s based on Spleeter\’s open-source tool.

The effect is totally free, but you can donate as little as a dollar to support development. To see how to use the plugin to remove vocals, watch this video:. There\’s another option in Ableton Live, and it\’s available in all three versions of the program. With the \”Utility\” effect, you can invert the phase of a channel to cancel out a stereo song\’s vocals. The video below shows it in action. It\’s an old video, but it\’s more or less the same on newer Ableton Live versions.

While Apple\’s GarageBand is incapable of doing audio canceling, you can still mess with some of the tools it has available to decrease the vocals from a track. Luckily, the process is pretty simple: just add the AUGraphicEQ plug-in to your track and drop the middle frequencies in the graphic equalizer, where the vocals are the strongest on a track.

Use the video below as a companion to help you configure the sliders in the EQ since it follows the same guidelines, but just be aware that the results will differ on each track. Before stem separation tools became available to the masses, which use machine learning to intelligently separate vocals from instrument tracks, the old-school way of using phase cancellation or inverting tracks never delivered great results.

With the old way, you\’re just lowering the vocals\’ audio significantly, but with Spleeter-based and other proprietary technology for separating stems using artificial intelligence, you\’re extracting each layer like the pros. It\’s not always perfect, but it\’s much better overall, not to mention easier. So you\’ll have better luck with Moises, Splitter.

Of course, you can also search for free or paid karaoke tracks online, pay for a \”minus-one\” track, or get a multitrack recording from a studio, which takes all the work out of separating or canceling the vocals for you.

But in most cases, one of the options above will work just fine — even the free ones. And since Spleeter is an open-source tool, there are many other tools online that use it, so you\’re definitely not limited to the apps in this guide. Get a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for all your devices with a one-time purchase from the new Gadget Hacks Shop , and watch Hulu or Netflix without regional restrictions, increase security when browsing on public networks, and more.

I have found an old cassette that my grandfather is singing in a duet. I would like to remove the other person so that you would only hear my grandfather singing I thought this would be a nice sentimental gift for his kids he passed away in Does this sound like something I would be able to do with this?

If not, if anyone has any suggestions i would really appreciate it. I am not the most technical so the easiest cheapest method would be great if possible. Thanks for any assistance.. However, if you can find someone to help you get it onto your computer for me help you with that would be difficult without actually being there , send me a message with the audio file or send me a message and I\’ll give you my e-mail address if you can\’t attach the file to a message on here and I\’ll play around with it to see if I can isolate your grandfather.

Again, it\’s probably not possible, but if I have the audio, I can tell you for sure. I\’m sure his kids would be delighted to have it, either way. Nette, I am an audio engineer , and I have the same type of thing. My dad is playing in a video and I want to extract the audio.

I was able to extract it from the video ,, tempo map it and build a track around it , so I actually get a chance to play on the track with him. I would be willng to try to help you accomplish your goal. Give me a shout. Jnc38 verizon. Hi mr. Zhon zacmester. I\’m Justin mailing u regarding about the problems that I\’m facing on the following days. I try to covert mp3 song to karaoke but it\’s makes me to lost many nights of sleep if it\’s possible can u contact me.

Don\’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you so much for your response and the offer. I know I have it but it would be very old and packed away. I will have to find it and see if I can get it on my computer etc. I just figured before I tried I would ask first. Again thank you so much for the input and assistance. Hi, i would like to know the opposite, how to increase the volume of the voice of any song, its a regular song so its not multitrack, can it be done?

The voice volume is a little low in comparison to instruments so would like to modulate by increasing the voice volume, thanks in advance. Hi – I followed your instructions so the letter while using Audacity and there was no difference at all in the sound level of the vocals. I\’m wondering what I might be doing wrong. First off, awesome band. Secondly, I gave it a try in Audacity using the same technique and the vocals did sound much lower, though, the song sounded a little weird overall.

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Upgrade to Live 11 Standard or Suite | Ableton – Payment methods


Arjan M Same discounts are now on the Ableton site as well, until May 20th. Anxiousmofo No thanks. Once you get in that boat the Suite upgrade is still expensive.

Sergio I will never understand their business model, but apparently it works for them, at least. So it goes Posted April 8, edited. What Sergio said. It\’s their business. I just think they could have a LOT more business. Can\’t recall any software that gives a bigger discount the older version you have.

I read a lot of people hate Steinberg\’s upgrade policy. Posted April 9, Live Live comes in three editions: Intro, Standard and Suite. They share common features, but Standard and Suite have additional features, instruments, Packs, and effects. Live 11 Suite Complete integrated studio. EUR Live 11 Standard Full features plus extras. Live 11 Intro Essentials at a great price.

Live Key Features. Software Instruments. Please note that if there is ever any disagreement on educational status documents, we offer a full four-week money back guarantee. Live and Push offer everything students need to make any kind of music that inspires them. Using these tools, you can teach the fundamentals of music creation: rhythm, melody and harmony, song composition, sound design, creating with samples and more.

Live 11 Fast, fluid and flexible software for music creation and performance. See what you get with Live 11 Standard and Suite Standard Suite More of Live\’s instruments Find endless inspiration to design your own sounds with Live\’s wavetable, FM, physical-modelling and sampling-based synthesizers.

Inspired by Nature is six playful instruments and effects that use natural and physical processes as their inspiration. Curated Collections capture the musical threads that tie together evolving styles and scenes. Plus, a new set of Packs from Spitfire Audio capturing the intimate sound of orchestral chamber instruments. Excluded Included Unlimited tracks and scenes Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks and unlimited scenes mean Live can handle even your biggest projects with ease.

Included Included More inputs and outputs audio input and output channels as well as 12 send and return tracks let you get creative with signal and effect routing. Included Included.


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