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While surfing, you leave traces and companies track your activities for targeted advertising or to collect and sell information about you. Windows advanced for frer 7 advanced security anti phishing browser browser for windows. Instant setup and extremely easy to use. Sign me up for the newsletter! Browser integration — Download a free vpn for windows 10 through Google Chrome or Firefox browsers via extensions. There /20028.txt many different open source licenses but they downloar must comply with the Open Source Definition – in brief: the software can be freely used, modified and shared. How fast is a VPN?


21 Best Free VPN For Windows 10 [June Update] | Download Now.


A VPN connection is always a bit slower than a regular internet connection due to data traffic redirection, encryption, and the protocol. The speed of the VPN connection depends largely on the data transfer rate or bandwidth offered by the internet service provider. Your distance from the server you connect to or the country in which the server is located also plays a role.

The VPN software on your computer or app on your smartphone works as a VPN client and creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and a remote VPN server operated by us. After client and server have verified each other as authentic, all incoming and outgoing traffic is routed through that tunnel and your data is encrypted.

Data is uploaded from your device to the VPN server and exits the public internet. Other users and services cannot trace you as your device seems to have the IP address of the VPN server. Because of this, even your Internet Service Provider ISP cannot monitor your online activities and your privacy is secured.

Important: Your current Windows version is outdated and no longer supported. For your security, we recommend switching to Windows 10 or Windows 11 before downloading Avira software. Update your Windows version here. Our Avira Phantom VPN is no longer available for use within India as a result of governmental regulations requiring the logging and saving of user data, but you can still use your subscription when traveling outside of India.

Your IP address: loading Your location: loading Your internet provider: loading Your private information is: loading Change my IP. Home Phantom VPN. Discover Pro. Get Phantom VPN on all your devices. Please accept personalization cookies to watch this video. Why use a VPN? Challenge You want to listen to your favorite band\’s latest album, but the song is blocked on YouTube in your country of access.

Social networks. Solution Phantom VPN lets you circumvent internet censorship by routing your traffic through a secure and anonymous tunnel via an Avira server located in a different country. Challenge You find it creepy that having googled for a new car, you now find yourself inundated with car-related ads. Solution A number of advertisers track your IP address, and use that to send you ads. Challenge You love working from your favorite coffee shop, or frequently travel and connect to public hotspots.

Solution Phantom VPN encrypts your web traffic, routing all your online activities via a secure tunnel, where hackers and eavesdroppers cannot access them. Solution No problem! Private by design: We don\’t sell your data. Avira has more than 35 years of online security experience. From our best comments. Rating: 4. Rating: 4 stars. Free or Pro? Your lifestyle. Your choice. Learn more. Automatically renews, unless the renewal is cancelled.

Price subject to change. Subscription details below. Billed monthly. Learn more about VPNs. What is a VPN? How to use a VPN for anonymous browsing? How to bypass geo-restrictions with a VPN? What are the dangers of public Wi-Fi? Are VPNs truly safe?

Does a VPN make online banking more secure? Laptop, smartphone or tablet? Protect your privacy on all devices. Looking for the premium version? Why should you use a VPN? What are the benefits of our free VPN? Enhanced security and privacy online. Advanced encryption and strict no-log policy Avira is one of the most trusted software brands in the world and has a year history of ensuring privacy and security for users worldwide.

How secure is my VPN connection? How fast is a VPN? How does a Virtual Private Network work? Download free VPN now. Click here for our Terms of Sale. When the trial ends, the paid subscription starts and the first term is charged, unless cancelled before. Special offer s may expire. Renewal Cycle : automatically renews each month or each year after the initial term, unless the subscription renewal is cancelled before the day you are due to be charged in your account or by contacting us.

Click here to learn how. Renewal Prices : may be higher than the price for the initial term and are subject to change. They are charged up to 35 days before the annual subscription is due to renew, and we send you a notification email with the renewal price before.

They are charged up to 5 days before the monthly subscription is due to renew. Free Download for Windows. Windows network security peer to peer for windows 10 private vpn private vpn for windows private vpn for windows IPVanish 3. Windows aes encryption cloud storage cloud storage for windows cloud storage for windows 10 cloud storage for windows 7. Free VPN 3. Keep your online presence secure Free VPN is a reliable security service application that helps protect your online privacy.

Windows access access for android android tools browser for windows 10 bundle for android. VyprVPN for Windows 4. Windows internet connection internet free for windows internet security internet security for windows internet security for windows free. Chedot Free, Chromium-based browser When it comes to web browsers derived from the diverse and reliable Chromium platform, Google Chrome has certainly taken the spotlight.

Windows browser for windows browser for windows 10 browser for windows 7 music browser music download for windows. Windscribe 2. Windows encryption encryption for mac encryption free firewall for windows 7 hide ip free. Avast Secure Browser 98 4. Surf faster and safer with this free browser Avast Secure Browser is a free web browser that allows you to securely protect your online activities. Windows advanced for windows 7 advanced security anti phishing browser browser for windows.

Radmin VPN 1. Windows aes encryption lan lan for windows 10 lan for windows 7 lan network. Secure and free VPN iTop VPN is an internet and network tool that allows you to surf web browsers privately with a military-grade protected connection. Windows secure browser for windows 10 secure browser for windows 7 security and privacy vpn access free for windows vpn for windows Tuxler 2.

Windows access blocked sites access blocked sites for windows ip address ip address for windows 10 ip address for windows 7. Windows cisco cisco anyconnect cisco free cisco vpn cisco vpn client. Hotspot Shield Windows access advanced for windows 7 advanced security dark theme dark theme for windows.

AVG Secure Browser 98 4. Browse without any worries AVG Secure Browser is a free web browser that allows you to safely and quickly surf the web. Windows browser for windows browser for windows 10 browser for windows 7 built in web browser disk space. Opera GX A free gaming browser for Windows Opera GX is a free and advanced web browser specifically designed for gamers.

Windows browser for windows browser for windows 10 browser for windows 7 built in web browser chroma. A secure way to anonymously surf online! Windows chrome for windows 10 chrome for windows 7 encryption encryption for windows encryption for windows free. Vuze 5. A powerful torrents downloader Vuze is a free BitTorrent protocol client through which users can download unlimited torrents.

Windows apps to download music and movies bit torrent for mac downloader for windows 10 dvd burning for windows dvd burning free for windows. Pulse Secure 5.


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