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Type your equation in the box that appears. The following keyboard shortcuts are particularly useful for generating equations quickly in Word. References in IEEE It is often necessary for engineers to use information found online and in texts, which necessitates using citations.

Citation management tools make this process more accurate and efficient. While this tutorial only outlines the use of the Microsoft Word citation management tool, other tools such as Zotero, RefWorks, and Mendeley, are appropriate. It is important to be aware that no citation management tools are perfect. Whenever citations are generated using a citation management tool, they should be closely compared with the appropriate citation style guide to ensure they follow the correct format.

For example, when referencing in APA Style, all citations should be reviewed to ensure they follow the format described in the official Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Complete all manual changes after your reference list is complete. In the Microsoft Word citation management tool, the Source Manager is used to cite material not written by the authors of the document.

The Source Manager saves sources and can be used to generate references lists and add citations to text. To use these functions, sources must be saved in the Source Manager. The style of citations can be selected in the Citations and Bibliography bar in the Styles drop down menu. Generally, APA format is used. A new window will come up. Select the type of source in the drop down menu and fill as much information into the manager as possible. Select OK to add to the current list of sources.

Be mindful of how you are entering the information in the Source Manager. Detailed instructions describing how to correctly enter information for the most common types of sources have been included below.

In the References tab under Citations and Bibliography select Insert Citation and double click the citation to place it. In text citations should always be placed at the end of a sentence before the period. Each sentence containing information published by another author should be cited. It is not sufficient to cite the last sentence in a paragraph containing information from one source. This will automatically insert a list of References into the document. Ensure that the list that is generated is appropriately formatted and the list of numbers is properly aligned.

The following outlines, in detail, how to properly input information into the Microsoft Source Manager to ensure that citations are generated in proper APA format. In the Type of Source drop-down menu select Journal Article. To enter the author names: 1.

Do NOT simply type the author names into the Author field. Instead, click Edit next to the Author field. Starting with the first author listed on the journal, type their first, middle, and last names into the appropriate fields. Select Add. Repeat this process for all authors of the journal in order. Click OK. To enter the journal title: 1. Simple type the full journal title into the Title field. To enter the journal name: 1. Instead, research the abbreviated journal name and type this into the Journal Name field.

All journals have abbreviated names that can very easily be found online. To enter the year, pages, volume, and issue: 1. Simply type the year, page range, volume, and issue into their respective fields. Ensure that the citation generated in your References section follows proper APA format.

Adjust if necessary. In the Type of Source drop-down menu select Book. Starting with the first author listed on the book, type their first, middle, and last names into the appropriate fields. Repeat this process for all authors of the book in order. To enter the book title: 1. Simple type the full book title into the Title field. To enter the year and city: 1. Simply type the year and city into their respective fields.

Include the abbreviated name of the state or the country if not published in the USA following the city name and separated by a common. San Francisco, CA To enter the edition: 1. Select Show All Bibliography Fields.

Type the edition of the book into the Edition field. To enter the publisher: 1. Do NOT type the full publisher name into the Publisher field. Instead, research the abbreviated publisher name and type this into the Publisher field.

Conventions for abbreviated publisher names can very easily be found online. Manually adjust your citation by italicizing the book title in your reference list to conform with IEEE format. Also, if a book edition was included, manually remove the unnecessary comma after the edition number, before the city name.

In the Type of Source drop-down menu select Book Section. To enter the chapter title: 1. Simple type the full chapter title into the Title field. Simple type the full book title into the Book Title field. Simply type the year, page range, and city into their respective fields. After generating your reference list: 1.

In the Type of Source drop-down menu select Web site. If there are no authors present and the webpage was created by an organization, it may be acceptable to type the organization name into the Author field.

To enter the title of the web page: 1. Simple type the full name of the web page into the Production Company field. To enter the year, month, and day in which the content was published: 1. Simple type the year, month, and day into their respective fields.

You do not need to enter the year, month, and day in which the web page was accessed. To enter the URL: 1. Manually italicize the web page name in your citation.

Replace the comma following the author names with a period. Also, remove the day, month, year, and period inserted by word following the web page title. How Polymers Are Formed … 5. These resources must still be cited and you should research how to do so. Many APA style guidelines and examples can be easily found online. When in doubt, include as much information about the sources as possible and try to conform to APA format. To add a cross-reference: Place the cursor in the desired location for the cross-reference.



Basic tasks in Publisher.


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Details required : characters remaining Cancel Submit 12 people found this reply helpful. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn\’t help. By default, CRM comes with auto-save option which saves any changes made to the form 30 seconds after the change.

As seen in the above example, the default Employer form had only one field. However, in real life scenarios, you will have many custom fields on a form. For example, if you look at a sample Contact record which is an out-of-the-box CRM entity , it will have many fields to store contact information such as Full Name, Email, Phone, Address, Cases, etc. In the next chapters, you will learn how to edit this default form and add different types of fields on it.

Before you learn how to add custom fields to CRM forms, let us take a look at what type of data fields are supported by CRM. This field stores up to characters of text. You can set the maximum length and IME mode for each of these.

This field stores a set of options each having a number value and label. In other words, it is a dropdown field in CRM. You can also define Global Option Sets which can be used across multiple forms.

This field provides two options for the user to select 0 or 1. In other words, it is a radio button field. When an entity has an image field, it can be configured to display the image for the record in the application. This field stores integer values between -2,,, and 2,,, You can set the minimum and maximum values too. This field stores the floating point numbers up to 5 decimal points of precision between 0. This field stores up to 10 decimal points with values ranging from ,,, This field is used to store any currency values in the range of ,,,, You can also specify the Precision as Pricing Decimal, Currency Precision or any value between 0 to 4.

You can create a lookup field using an entity relationship that has already been created, but not yet used with another lookup field.

If you create a lookup field in an entity form, the relationship is automatically generated. A lookup field is created as a relationship field. In the last two chapters, you studied about creating new entities, creating new records and types of fields available in CRM.

In this chapter, you will be learning to add new fields on CRM forms. Out of the 11 types of data fields studied in the previous chapter, you will be using three types of fields on your employer – Option Set Dropdown , Multiple Lines of Text and DateTime. The Option Set field would be used to store the employer type, Multiple Lines of Text will be used to store brief description of employer and the DateTime field would be used to store date when the company was started.

Click Customizations option from the Customization section Refer screenshot below. This will open the DefaultSolution window. This will open the details of the entity on the right window. Expand Employer option from the left panel and you will be able to see Forms, Views, Charts, Fields, and other several options. It will open a grid showing all the fields that came by default when you created this entity.

However, if you would like to change it, you can do so. You can change the label of this item to add four options representing employer types: Private, Government, Multinational and Public. You have successfully created Employer Type field. For this, click Forms from the left navigation under Employer entity.

This will show you two forms with name Information. Click on the Main form. The new form which will open this time will contain all the new fields that you added in this chapter. You can fill in some details and click Save and Close. In this chapter, we learnt working with CRM forms and how to customize them by placing various types of fields in them.

We also learnt to add as many fields as we want on any form and arrange them using various tabs and sections as per the business requirement. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a vast product which has evolved significantly over the years. The product comes with a lot of out-of-the-box functionalities that are inbuilt in the system. You do not need to write any code for utilizing these features.

One of the important out-of-the-box features is the searching capability of CRM, in that it supports advanced querying and filtering capabilities. By default, the grid view of every entity in CRM supports a Quick Search functionality using a search bar on top right. Following is a screenshot of quick search on Contact entity. You can customize the Quick Search like customizing any other View to modify the filter criteria, configure sorting, add view columns, add find columns and change other properties.

Advanced Search allows you to search records of any entity in CRM. It is one of the strongest and one of the most useful feature that comes out-of-the-box with CRM.

Click the Advanced Find icon to open the Advanced Find window. This window will allow you to select the entity for which you want to search records, apply filtering and grouping criteria, and save your Advanced Find views as personal views.

Suppose, you want to search for all the Contacts with FirstName containing Robert and who are Divorced. This dropdown will contain all the entities present in your system. You can add as many search query parameters as you want. You can even group such criteria using group parameters. For example, if you would like to search all contacts whose first name is either Robert or Mark, you can add two search criteria and group them using GroupOR.

For example, our current grid contains only two columns — Full Name and Business Phone. However, if you would like to have an additional column of Email ID added to this grid, you can do so using this option. At this stage, if you would like to save this search criteria, along with the filters and edited columns, you can do so by clicking the Save button.

Once saved, you can use this saved view when you are on that entity page. For example, consider that as a customer executive you serve two types of customers: Normal and Premium. Hence, you can create an advanced filter with these respective categories and save them as Normal Contacts Assigned to Me and Premium Contacts Assigned to Me. You can then quickly access these views directly from the Contact entity page without carrying out a quick search or an advanced find search every time you use the system.

CRM being a product, comes with an extensive set of features and functionalities. However, most of the times, you would have to extend these existing functionalities to meet your custom requirements. You have a CRM form containing certain fields. CRM provides out-of-the-box features for basic validations such as mandatory fields, field lengths, etc. However what if you would like to have a more complex validation such as validating if the entered phone number is in the correct format, or validating if the entered address actually exists, or if the entered SSN is correct?

CRM provides out-of-the-box UI customizations such as creating sections and tabs on a form, rearranging fields, etc. However, what if the client wants to build a custom page which shows all the information of the customer coming from their other ERP system? CRM comes with a standard ribbon bar, which contains all the buttons and options. What if you want to add a ribbon button of your own? Consider that you have an ERP system already in place. You can always call any external web services in your server-side plugin code.

However, what if you would like to call any external web services while you are still on the client-side? Currently, you will not be able to see any Web Resources since we have not created anything yet. Form Event Programming is used to handle client-side behaviors such as what happens when a user opens a form, changes some data, moves through tabs, etc.

Using Xrm. In such cases, you would write your JavaScript code using Xrm. To handle such scenarios, you will write your JavaScript logic using Xrm. Page model and then add it as a JScript Web Resource. Following is the Xrm. You will be using these properties while writing JScript code. Provides methods to retrieve context-specific information such as organization details, logged-in user details, or parameters that were passed to the form in a query string. Provides access to the entity data and methods to manage the data in the form as well as in the business process flow control.

Contains methods to retrieve information about the user interface, in addition to collections for several sub-components of the form. Uses Items collection to access available forms to the user. Also uses the navigation method to close and open forms. In this example, we will put some validations on the Contact form based on the PreferredMethodofCommunication that the user selects.

Select it and click Add. You have now successfully added a new web resource and registered it on the form. This event handler will call the JavaScript function that we just wrote. Select the following options from the Event Handler section.

Click OK. This will make the Mobile Phone field as mandatory. Later, we explored the Xrm. Page model and used it to learn Form programming along with an example.

You have a custom HTML page that expects some input parameters and gets rendered based on those input parameters. For example, consider you are fetching information from an external API or web service, and you want to display this in CRM. Open the DefaultSolution and navigate to WebResources tab from the left panel. Click New. Enter the details as shown in the following screenshot and browse the HTML file that we created in Step 1.

Click Save and Publish. Close the window. Select the Contact Information section and switch to Insert tab from the top ribbon bar. Click Web Resource. To pass more than one value in the data parameter, you will have to encode the parameters include decoding logic on the other end.

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